Private Label Articles Buying Guide

There are many people/sites providing private label right (PLR) products out there.

First, lets understand what PLR means. PLR is a type of right where seller agrees to provide limited set of people (members) with unique content that can be used by them for any purpose other than explicitly selling rights of PLR products. What this means is that you can use PLR products, sell them but you can’t give away rights to sell PLR products to anyone.

There are many PLR products including books, articles, and websites. PLR articles are most popular among the PLR products. I have been using PLR articles and even launched a membership for the same about a year and a half back.

The most important thing to look for when buying PLR products is the originality of the PLR products being provided. Some people mislead you and say their products are original. But you have to verify that their products are not coming from other similar PLR sites. The reason is simple. If you get same PLR articles from two sources then you end up wasting your money.

Second thing you need to check is the topics being covered in a PLR membership. Most of PLR memberships provide multiple topics each month, but they may not be related to your websites. These memberships are a waste of time and money for you.

Then you should check how old PLR membership is. If the membership is new you don’t know about the life. It can end within a few months. The age also gives some indication about the quality. If someone is able to maintain members then its bound to be good enough in most cases.

Next you must check if they provide a way to get old products and if they provide old product to new member too. Both of these are very important to you as you may need access to old stuff later. If it’s not available you will loose out and can’t get it again.

At the same time if old products are provided to new members then they will get old products for free. This is not fair. PLR means product rights will be given to limited people. If old products are accessible to new members then you are wasting your money and should join such membership just for a month and take away all the stuff.

With all these and some other factors in mind I review PLR products. Below you can find some of the PLR products reviewed.

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